Virtue Signaling

The protestors of Baraka prove their signs are often as upside down as their politics.

The League for the Revolutionary Party (LRP—should be called League for the Democratic Party) has recently come out with yet another article on its little Left Forum spectacle over the so-called “Syrian revolution,” yet it has posted about two articles it seems (one in 2013, one in 2014) that barely qualify as an analysis of the situation there. What vanguard of the working class posts short articles so sporadically on this issue they deem so central to understanding the world today, not to mention their own political identity? Instead of criticizing the campism of the various Stalinoid outfits in the U.S. from a revolutionary perspective, they attack them from the right. In particular, they are obsessed with the slanderous and conspiratorial “Red-Brown Alliance” that they have contrived in order to undermine protests against U.S. imperialism’s bloody wars in the Middle East.

This group is composed of the same people who now support the Democratic Party’s racist gun control efforts, which exploit the tragedy of school shootings to undermine black self-defense against cops, Klan, and other fascist elements. Keep this in mind when they disgustingly use the name of Heather Heyer in their latest attack on Black Agenda Report to support their line on the “Syrian Revolution” and when their supporters disgustingly equate what’s going on in Syria with the Holocaust, which the Soviet Union’s Red Army put an end to (though, of course, the LRP, dating the counterrevolution to the intra-bureaucratic fight in the Great Purges, would have been “neutral” between the Red Army and Nazi Germany). This line, it should be noted, mirrors the same line of the “Afghan Revolution” they pushed when they sided against the Soviet workers state’s intervention into Afghanistan. Ask yourself: how did the “Afghan revolution” turn out? Who were the Afghani “freedom fighters”? Who supported them? The same pro-imperialist logic from forty years ago is being applied today, only now it is directed at a non-existent “Russian imperialism” as opposed to a similarly non-existent “Soviet imperialism.”


One thought on “Virtue Signaling

  1. Reblogged this on Socialist Fight and commented:
    Don’t agree that gun control is necessarily racist but the analysis of the degeneration of the League for the Revolutionary Party into Democrat supporters is indeed spot on. I was amazed when i realised this had happened as i had admired their rank and file work in the trade unions via the Transition Programme and some other good leftist stances.


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