The Syria Connection

Parts of the political left keep stooping lower and lower thanks to the establishment-driven and media-fueled sensationalism over Russia’s supposed meddling in U.S. electoral politics. Nary a day passes without yet another self-styled socialist or radical echoing the mainstream media’s wall-to-wall coverage about how the Kremlin threatens global stability and democracy. From John Reimann’s well-intended … More The Syria Connection

Joining the Party

They were communists, and they knew all about parties. Having just boisterously celebrated May Day months before, the Bolsheviks set about in the summer and autumn of 1918 to plan the commemorations marking one year of workers power in Russia. Anatoly Lunacharsky, at the time serving in Petrograd as that oblast’s Commissar of the Union … More Joining the Party

Trotskyism and Militarism: The Proletarian Military Policy

“Our agitation in connection with the war and all our politics connected with the war must be as uncompromising in relation to the pacifists as to the imperialists.” – Leon Trotsky, “On the Question of Workers’ Self-Defense,” 1939 If World War I wreaked devastation and death on the working classes of the world, World War … More Trotskyism and Militarism: The Proletarian Military Policy

The Lesser of Two Lyrics

Recently I heard that a former comrade of mine left an ostensibly Trotskyist group. His departure was over whether supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election against Donald Trump was acceptable (he thought it was). He has also recently taken to Tumblr to post a rather incoherent stream of cherry-picked quotes to justify his capitulation … More The Lesser of Two Lyrics

Trump’s Troop Surge in Afghanistan: Old Wine in New Skins

Reading slowly from the glass TelePrompTers surrounding his presidential podium as he stood before a packed audience of military personnel, Donald Trump on Monday night announced what he hoped would be a popular strategic shift in U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and South Asia. He disavowed the Bush Doctrine. “America will continue its … More Trump’s Troop Surge in Afghanistan: Old Wine in New Skins