Virtue Signaling

The League for the Revolutionary Party (LRP—should be called League for the Democratic Party) has recently come out with yet another article on its little Left Forum spectacle over the so-called “Syrian revolution,” yet it has posted about two articles it seems (one in 2013, one in 2014) that barely qualify as an analysis of … More Virtue Signaling

On Angularity

“Reactionary epochs like ours not only disintegrate and weaken the working class and isolate its vanguard but also lower the general ideological level of the movement and throw political thinking back to stages long since passed through. In these conditions the task of the vanguard is, above all, not to let itself be carried along … More On Angularity

Orientalist Myths

The drums of war are beating ever louder in the aftermath of suspicious and partisan accusations that the Syrian government inexplicably launched a chemical weapons attack against civilians in the now-retaken city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta earlier in the month. Pundits, politicians, journalists, bloggers, and think-tankers are urging Trump to undertake a more robust … More Orientalist Myths

The Syria Connection: An Update

About two weeks ago In Struggle published an article that described some pseudo-socialists’ hysteria over Russiagate as resulting not from a sober analysis of solid evidence on hand, but from a Syrian-“revolution”-centric political perspective. A subsection of the post was devoted to discussing Alexander Reid Ross’s article “Multipolar Spin: How Fascists Operationalize Left-wing Resentment.” In … More The Syria Connection: An Update

The Syria Connection

Parts of the political left keep stooping lower and lower thanks to the establishment-driven and media-fueled sensationalism over Russia’s supposed meddling in U.S. electoral politics. Nary a day passes without yet another self-styled socialist or radical echoing the mainstream media’s wall-to-wall coverage about how the Kremlin threatens global stability and democracy. From John Reimann’s well-intended … More The Syria Connection

Joining the Party

They were communists, and they knew all about parties. Having just boisterously celebrated May Day months before, the Bolsheviks set about in the summer and autumn of 1918 to plan the commemorations marking one year of workers power in Russia. Anatoly Lunacharsky, at the time serving in Petrograd as that oblast’s Commissar of the Union … More Joining the Party